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Dr. Galanto Educational Support is a proprietorship that aims to help students of all ages and different ethnic groups to make learning interesting. The proprietor, Dr. Galanto, loves helping people reach their goals in life. She has been volunteering as a tutor since she was in Grade 1. It is her passion to help people learn and the first thing she did when she immigrated to Canada was to volunteer as a tutor to the immigrants in Calgary. When she moved to British Columbia, she did the same thing. She volunteered as an English tutor and job search counsellor with the Filipino Canadian Support Services that became the Multicultural Helping House in Vancouver. She has also volunteered as a Homefront tutor of Vancouver Community College where she got her TESOL {Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) diploma. She loves tutoring people including her family especially her nieces and nephews. Her educational support to them has very positive result because they are very dedicated to their studies and many of them became honour students.


To inspire, instruct, and ignite success among students of all ages by providing tutoring and motivational services.


Experience learning in an interesting way! Join us young once and young ones. We can fit our teaching techniques to suit your needs. Our teaching and tutoring services accept clients of all ages and ethnic groups. We are here to listen to you and offer the best services for your success.


Dr. Neneng Erlinda Galanto, the Teacher/Tutor has more than 20 years of teaching experience and has extensive training and education. She has a Doctorate Degree in Education, Master’s in Health Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Diploma, Career Development Practitioner Certificate, Geriatric Activity Coordinator Certificate, Instructor Development Program Certificate, The BEST (Business Entrepreneurship Support and Training) Certificate, and many others. She is able to teach students from different ethnic backgrounds effectively. She has also travelled in many countries in the world and very familiar with different cultures. Her former students and supervisors were highly satisfied with her educational services.

The Instructor herself has been a very dedicated student who graduated Valedictorian both in elementary and high school and Cum Laude in her Bachelor’s Degree. She was also privileged to be given the opportunity to deliver the Valedictory Address during the BEST (Business Entrepreneurship, Support and Training) graduation of Progressive Intercultural Community Services) on February 5, 2018. She has developed successful study techniques that she is able to share with her students. Many of her former students became model employees of their workplaces in Canada as well as in different parts of the world. She is able to encourage and inspire them to develop their potential to the fullest.


The business provides teaching or tutoring services to students of all ages from elementary to graduate students and seniors who would like to improve their English skills or acquire basic computer skills.

  • Elementary students-tutoring in all subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art Education

  • College students-tutoring in English and Health courses like Nursing, Health Care Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, and Caregiver Professionals

  • Graduate students-editing or proofreading their thesis and dissertation

  • Seniors-tutoring in English and basic computer

The Strategic Competitive Advantage of Dr. Galanto Education Support can be seen below.




  1. English Tutoring using the learning styles of the students

This will make the learning more effective and enjoyable.

Students or parents of students will have the value of what they paid for.

  1. Tutoring in Math using creative techniques.

This will make learning not boring to the students.

Students will have fun in learning math.

  1. Tutoring in Health Care by considering the students’ needs.

When students can relate to what they are learning, they learn more effectively.

Students will remember what they are studying more effectively.
  1. Tutoring adult students observing confidentiality.

This will make students more comfortable while learning.

Students will not feel embarrassed while learning.

  1. Homework Support during the tutoring hours.
Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and really understand their homework.

Students and parents will have peace of mind because the homework is done with the help of the tutor.

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I have known Dr. Galanto since 2010, when she was my Instructor and Practicum coordinator at Royal Canadian Institute of Technology (RCIT), and I can assure you, that she was one of the best teachers I ever had.

Dr. Ken G.
Graduate of Royal Canadian Institute of Technology

Dr. Neneng Erlinda Galanto was our Resident Care Attendant Instructor at Royal Canadian Institute of Technology. She was also acting as the School Administrator and our Practicum Coordinator.

As a teacher, she made our lessons very interesting by integrating real life situations. I do appreciate Dr. Galanto's effort to help us. I believe that she would always be there for us even after our graduations because it was her desire for us to be successful in our career.

Cecilia A.
Resident Care Attendant/Home Support Graduate

Dr. Galanto was an excellent motivator and a role model who paid attention to each individual student and provided guidance depending on each student's learning needs and learning style. She created a friendly and open atmosphere in the classroom by encouraging the students to engage in open discussion and debate to enhance the learning process.

Dr. Ken G.
Graduate of Royal Canadian Institute of Technology

Dr. Galanto served as our mother in the classroom because she was patient and understanding. All of us were encouraged to actively participate in the class activities.

She made sure all of us were motivated to complete the course. She was there to listen to our individual challenges and gave us guidance on how to find solutions to our problems.

Cecilia A.
Resident Care Attendant/Home Support Graduate